1. All @sugarpillmakeup shadows pressed & loose. @stilacosmetics snow stay all day liner & empress liner #cloudyeyes #goldeyeliner #saintpatricksdaymakeup  #Rainbow #PotOfGold #StPaddysDay #StPatricksDayMakeup #RainbowMakeup #PotOfGoldMakeup #StPaddysDayMakeup #spring #SpringMakeup #IdesOfMarch #sugarpill #stila

    All @sugarpillmakeup shadows pressed & loose. @stilacosmetics snow stay all day liner & empress liner #cloudyeyes #goldeyeliner #saintpatricksdaymakeup #Rainbow #PotOfGold #StPaddysDay #StPatricksDayMakeup #RainbowMakeup #PotOfGoldMakeup #StPaddysDayMakeup #spring #SpringMakeup #IdesOfMarch #sugarpill #stila

  2. Playing around. This is a trial of an idea. Pot of gold on green grass over a rainbow with floating shamrocks. Hard to do something like this with one eye and 20/600-20/800 vision! The rainbow on the lash line is @sugarpillmakeup. The rest is all MAC. #StPatricksDay #Rainbow #PotOfGold #StPaddysDay #StPatricksDayMakeup #RainbowMakeup #PotOfGoldMakeup #StPaddysDayMakeup #spring #SpringMakeup #IdesOfMarch

    Playing around. This is a trial of an idea. Pot of gold on green grass over a rainbow with floating shamrocks. Hard to do something like this with one eye and 20/600-20/800 vision! The rainbow on the lash line is @sugarpillmakeup. The rest is all MAC. #StPatricksDay #Rainbow #PotOfGold #StPaddysDay #StPatricksDayMakeup #RainbowMakeup #PotOfGoldMakeup #StPaddysDayMakeup #spring #SpringMakeup #IdesOfMarch

  3. Citrus themed

    Lime Crime Circus Girl, Troubador, Line Criminal, New Yolk City

  4. Beware the ides of March are upon us

    Beware the ides of March is upon us…” Shakespeare. What does that mean for you? While you may not have to worry about Brute, it means St. Patrick’s day is just two days thereafter, and you still have a little time to create a great, festive look!  Then it will be a hop, skip, and a jump for us to spring into action with the first day of spring. Carefully plan out your makeup, so you do not end up looking like one of Charlie Sheen’s “girlfriends,” and we think you know what we mean!  Smokey looks can go very bad to the point of looking like a tired Grinch of Dr. Seuss!

    Below are some great colors to try for St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks, the ides of March, and the first day of spring.

    MAC Cosmetics:

    • Bitter, Sunny Spot, Lucky Green, Lime, Swimming, Humid, Steamy, Green Mix, Sumptuous Olive, Golden Olive, Green Space, Jade Way, Minted, Tarnish, Forever Green

    Urban Decay:

    • Graffiti, Mildew, Stash, Loaded, Mullet, Stage Dive, Chronic, Protest, Acid Rain, Shattered, Green Goddess, Urb, Grass, Weeds, Clinic, Narc

    Stila Cosmetics:

    • Jade, La Douce


    • Zoom

    Lime Crime Makeup:

    • Lime Criminal, Mischief Managed

    After planning the look, try it out to make sure it works for you. Today is National Pancake Day, so if you are out at iHop, sipping some homemade Kahlua, painting the town red on Church Street or Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando, you still have time to engage in color play.  Remember, greens do not look good on everyone.  If you have blue eyes, green may not be a great option.  Twelve days and counting to try a new look each night! Stay tuned for a subsequent article with colors of a pot of gold that will greatly compliment the greens listed above.



  5. Andie Sleeman spring fashion week look interview

    We would like to thank Andie SleemanOrlando area makeup artist, for submitting her spring fashion week inspired makeup look.  Below is her interview regarding her look.

    Examiner: What trends have you noticed on the runways for fashion week that inspired the look you created for us today?

    Andie:  The looks were all over the place this year.  Everything from smokey eyes (Chanel, Galliano, Marc Jacobs), to a bold pink or orange lip (Fendi, Diane von Furstenberg, Marni), to a natural bare face (Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab), and a colorful pop on the eyes (Valentino, Vivienne Westsood, Christian Dior).  One thing every look had in common was beautiful skin.  For me the bright bold colors are what initially caught my eye.

    Examiner:  Was there a particular style that captured your fancy or were you drawn to a few of them? In other words, was it an easy choice to select your inspiration?

    Andie:  I pulled from many of the looks we saw going down the 2011 SS runways.  There is a nice way to combined a bright smokey eye, with a bold lip and beautiful skin, I feel like I was able to accomplish that with this look today.

    Examiner:  How long have you been a makeup artist?

    Andie: Three years.

    Examiner:  How did you get started in the industry?

    Andie:  I went for formal training.  After schooling I became a regional makeup artist with a national cosmetic company.  From there I entered the world of fashion and commercial makeup artistry.

    Examiner:  Do you feel your training has helped you further your career? If yes, how so? Networking, skills, etc.?

    Andie:  I feel there are so many other great resources out there to learn from (books, magazines, websites, seminars, apprenticing, testing, etc.) that formal training is not a necessity in today’s industry.  Most of what I have learned has been from continuous research, trial and error on set and listening to feedback.  It is okay to make major mistakes while testing in your early career; you will learn NOT to do whatever it is you did again!

    Examiner: What makeup trends do you see in Orlando?

    Andie:  I see the sexy smokey eye look around town daily.  It’s a pretty trend if done properly.  I think a lot of women are a bit apprehensive about trying bold looks they see on the runway because they think they won’t get it right.  My advice, go for it ladies!

    Examiner:  Do you think the couture / runway trends of Europe and New York are too fashion forward for Orlando?

    Andie:  The fashion forward looks we saw in the 2011 SS season can absolutely work for the women of Orlando.  The looks need to be toned down a bit and women need to pick the ONE trend per look that works best for their face, complexion and lifestyle.

    Examiner:  How would you suggest we adapt high fashion looks to suit Orlando’s subdued style?

    Andie:  Look at the spring summer advertising campaigns of the major fashion houses and beauty lines (Dior, Lancome, YSL, Jil Sander). They are more subdued than what we saw on the runway, but still very modern, trendy and appropriate for the ladies of Orlando.

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